Breathe The Difference.

Breathe The Difference.

ALVI. The Smart Air Purifier.

ALVI is the first SMART air purifier for your home furnace/return that provides HEPA-class air quality and reduces home energy consumption.

ALVI. The N95 Mask For Your Home's Air.

ALVI binds and traps harmful airborne particles like bacteria, germs & viruses down to the 0.007 micron range.

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How ALVI Works.

ALVI uses ACTIVE POLARIZATION to bind the really, really tiny particles together that standard filters let pass through. 

Enhance Circulation. Reduce Energy.

ALVI's filter cartridges uses low density media reducing strain on your HVAC system compared to standard filters and high efficiency systems. Your home will heat up and cools down faster while extending the life of your air handling system.

Monitor Air Quality.

ALVI is your homes Virtual Air Assistant that keeps an eye on filter performance, and indoor air quality events in your home. ALVI App available for Android & iOS.

Plug N' Play Installation.

Simply remove your standard filter and slide your ALVI SMART Purifier into your furnace or return system.

Auto-Order New Filters.

No more trips to the hardware store to buy filters! When ALVI senses low remaining filter life, a new ALVI media cartridge will be auto-ordered right to your door.

What ALVI users have to say...

I have a son with moderate asthma and with ALVI he is able to keep his symptoms under control and breathe easier.

– Alicia

My husband and I both suffer from pet dander allergies. With ALVI we're able to keep our symptoms in check.

– Rachel

Protect your homes air quality with ALVI!

ALVI SMART Purifier Unit
ALVI SMART Purifier Unit ALVI SMART Purifier Unit ALVI SMART Purifier Unit ALVI SMART Purifier Unit

The ALVI SMART Air Purifier provides your home with HEPA-Class air quality, reduces energy consumption and sends actionable alerts on filter performance and air quality via the ALVI app.

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Box includes: ALVI SMART Purifier Unit & 1 ALVI Media Cartridge
Colour: White/Metallic

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