The New Generation of HVAC Filter.

ALVI. Breathe The Difference.

ALVI protects your home from harmful microscopic particulates like viruses, bacteria, dust, and mold. ALVI provides HEPA-class air quality and lowers your home energy consumption. With the ALVI Smart enjoy additional access to air quality and filter performance insights provided through the ALVI app.

Energy Efficient & Sustainable.

Guaranteed to Fit Your Home.

Traditional Filters Protect Furnaces, NOT Your Body.

ALVI. A Whole Home Solution.

Micro-particulate Exists In Our Air And Is Harmful To Our Bodies.

Micro-particulate account for over 90% of all particulates in our air and traditional filters are not able to filter them. Often the effects of airborne micro-particulate can be subtle at first but potentially fatal in the long term. Shorter term symptoms of poor indoor air quality include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, lack of focus, lack of energy and fatigue. The longer term effects can be severely debilitating or fatal and include respiratory diseases, heart disease, dementia and cancer. ALVI improves the air quality in your home by removing micro-particulate from the air that a traditional furnace filter cannot remove.

How ALVI Works.

ALVI uses ACTIVE POLARIZATION to bind the really, really tiny particles together that standard filters let pass through. 

What ALVI Filters.

ALVI removes harmful micro-particulate that traditional filters do not.


Enhance Circulation. Reduce Energy.

ALVI's filter pads use low density media reducing strain on HVAC systems compared to traditional filters and high efficiency systems. Your home/building will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of the air handling system

Monitor Air Quality.

ALVI is your homes Virtual Air Assistant that keeps an eye on filter performance, and indoor air quality events in your home. ALVI App available for Android & iOS.

Plug N' Play Installation.

Simply remove your standard filter and slide your ALVI SMART HVAC Filter into your furnace or return system. For installation instructions download the Install Guide here.

ALVI Saves YOU Money.

What ALVI Users Experience.

Lab Tested. Home Approved.

"We've been using ALVI's polarized technology at Earth Rangers for over 3 years now. Being one of the LEED® Platinum buildings in Canada, energy savings and air quality are paramount at our facility. We couldn't have been happier with the results we've seen after implementing this tech, we've been able to successfully reduce energy costs while improving indoor air quality. -- Gavin Yeung, LEED®AP